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Who am I? What is my identity? Finding our Identity is a huge part of our life. If we don't know who we are, then its a lot easier for others to mould our opinions and to change how we view the world. God created us with a unique voice. For me, knowing who I am and my Identity has been the biggest challenge of my life so far. I always struggled to find my own identity because the norm made you feel ashamed of who you were and what you had to say. Whilst growing up in the UK, there was always a set thing you were expected to be. People didn't own their own identity. The few people who knew who they were and were proud of it, were pushed aside for being "different". Since living in Mexico, I've discovered so much more diversity between people, and such a wider range of personalities, styles and preferences. People know who they are, and they're confident in that. Being here has revealed to me so much more that I have no idea who I am, or even who I want to be.

As well as focusing on deepening my relationship with God, I've been using my time here in Mexico to also focus on my Identity, and its revealed so much to me thats been really challenging. I've discovered I base a lot of myself on the people that surround me, and I mould my Identity around theres. Since realising this, its effected how I view myself each day. I discovered I had no unique Identity and it hurt knowing that. I longed to know who I was. I had been so use to hiding my voice and perspective that I had lost it completely. I've also realised something that's going to change my view of Identity forever. I always believed that Identity was mainly about what was on the outside. What people saw of you, was who you were. What you looked like, what you wore, the things you liked.... I had based my identity on my flesh. Your body is a boundary. It's limiting. Its powerless. I had placed my Identity within a boundary, within something limited and powerless. My Identity isn't placed on my outside, its whats within.

I'm still discovering more of myself each day. But I know God's given me a unique voice, a unique perspective on life, and I no longer place my Identity on my flesh. The one part of my Identity that I'm certain about, is the fact that I'm a daughter of God. Thats a part of my Identity that no one could change, and if thats the only thing I discover about myself, I'll still know my true value. God's placed within me creativity and a completely unique voice and perspective, and I'm learning to be more confident in what I have to share. I know my words are valuable. I choose to no longer let the fear of man control my Identity. My Identity is mine.


Crashing waves, Hiding the face of it all, Fearing life, As we awake from the fall. This flesh of mine, Its gonna break under the weight, The brokenness caused. // Seeking truth, Behind the shame I hold, Craving love, From within these four walls. Come set me free, Cause who I am, Dosent have a boundary. // You've placed who I am, In the words, In the truths that you say, With your voice, You speak life into me. My flesh doesn't say who I am, Cause you gave me a name, And thats my Identity.

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