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Who is the God in your life?

If you're reading this and you're not religious, theres still something in your life that you position above everything else. This is essentially your God. There are also so many christians that do the same thing. They place worldly things above God. It could be things such as money, education or even your own status. These things that you love, end up being the things you worship, and the things that you worship end up being the things that control your life. 

God gave us free will, and therefore the freedom to choose. Its this freedom to choose that gives us the ability to decide who we'll become. MY CHOICES MAKE ME WHO I AM. 

My choices define the things I love, and the things I worship. The things I love are the things I choose. What I choose is what I dedicate my life too. We will always end up being defined by the choices we make. 

Free will and choice is the most amazing gift God could have given to us. If we didn't have the freedom to choose there would be no meaning to anything. Our choices would lose their impact. God knew the implications of giving us free will. He knew we would choose to fall away from him and his will but he still gave us this amazing freedom because everything that turns away from him, he has a plan to bring back. He knew that without free will the meaning and impact of our choices would be non existent. Love, compassion and friendships would lose all meaning without our free will to choose them. Therefore, even though he knew that our decisions  would lead us to our own destruction he still places that gift into our lives. 

So many people believe that you learn the most from eduction but I honestly believe that the most valuable lessons in life come from our own experiences. Our choices lead us down the path to what we experience through life. Some of our choices lead to mistakes, but some mistakes lead to a better understanding of what is right. 

God created us to be free beings. He gave us free will and he completely respects that free will. Its our free will that makes us human. Its because he gave us free will that theres so much destruction and pain in the world. We've created it because we choose it. God could make it so easy for us by simply correcting our mistakes and removing all pain in the world, but that would be taking away our freedom to choose. What some people blame the devil for, is actually because of their own decisions. 

The truth is that peoples choices can cause so much pain and destruction in other people lives, not just their own. An obvious example of this is war. Just because a few people high up with so much authority choose to go down a path of destruction, it leads to loss and devastation on such a wide scale. Innocent people get hurt. God could end war throughout the world so easily, but he dosen't because its a choice someones made. Someone he gave that free will too, and by taking away that war, he would be taking away that free will. 

Free will dosen't just lead to destruction. It also leads to redemption, revival, love, compassion, restoration, creativity, success and salvation. God's given us a choice, all we have to do is choose which outcome we want. Destruction or salvation.  

Although we may never have the chance to change the whole world, we still have to chance to change the world around us. The circle of people Gods connected us with. If we choose love in every simple decision we make each day imagine the impact it could make to the peoples lives around us. Our lives and actions speak so much louder then our words ever could.  

Im choosing to be the change I want to see in the world. 


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